Social & Environment:

Innovative is committed to doing business in a manner where the wellbeing of our planet and people come first. This includes the following actions regarding every product that we make and sell:

  • Innovative products must contribute to a healthy living environment including being: VOC-free, non off-gassing, having no heavy metal content, made with ultra-low emission adhesives.
  • All innovative products are certified to the highest international standards and carry one or more of the following certifications.
  • Select Innovative products feature antimicrobial finishes to help make living and work environments safer.
  • All Innovative products are made in manufacturing facilities where there is a focus on achieving zero-waste, wherein all by-products (sanding dust, milling waste etc) from the manufacturing process are fully captured and either reprocessed on site or sold to other industries as raw materials or bio-energy.
  • Innovative does not trade in any tropical exotic wood species whatsoever. We only trade in wood species that are harvested from responsibly managed forests in North America and Europe.
  • The plywood that we use in the manufacture of our engineered flooring is made with 100% plantation grown Eucalyptus (Ecolyptus®) and not from forest grown softwoods.
  • Innovative is committed to fair-trade business and working with supply partners who ensure that all their staff are treated with the respect, dignity and compassion that every employee globally should consider to be personal right.